The first video-based social and emotional learning program aimed to empower 7-to-12-year-olds who learn differently. 

We believe every child is capable of greatness, so we are excited about our new partnership with SuperDville, an award-winning video-based social and emotional learning program. As the exclusive distributor of SuperDville to K–12 school districts, Great Minds® is proud to help every student build confidence in life.

Teachers can use SuperDville alongside Great Minds curricula—Eureka Math², Wit & Wisdom®, and PhD Science®to encourage kids of all learning types, including those with dyslexia, to embrace each other’s learning differences and life challenges with confidence. It also helps defy stigma and assists students in discovering how they learn best.

SuperDville’s supplemental resources promote respectful academic discourse, help build a strong learning community, and embrace a “whole child” approach where all children, no matter how they learn, are respected, heard, and provided the emotional and academic tools to develop strategies for success.

After using SuperDville, students in every classroom are empowered and confident because of, not in spite of, their learning differences.

Never Give Up (Sample Episode)



What People are Saying about SuperDville

SuperDville provides a high-quality social and emotional learning program. This can be very powerful when partnered with proven research-based reading instruction. This combined focus on the whole child can greatly impact students’ lives both academically and beyond the classroom."

—Barbara Wilson, Cofounder and President, Wilson Language Training

“Anyone who is serious about intervention in the social and emotional well-being of students with learning differences should be using SuperDville.”

—Marcus Soutra, Cofounder and President, Eye to Eye

“Part of the allure of SuperDville is that its production values seem as professional as any network TV children’s show, with entertaining scripts and polished young actors.”

—The Wall Street Journal

    What Makes SuperDville Unique?


    Original Programming

    Created by professionals and parents as well as students with learning differences.



    Psychologists, neuroscientists, and teachers helped develop the program and plan its implementation.


    Real Life.
    Real Kids.

    Videos feature authentic actors who are students with learning differences.


    No Tests.
    No Homework.

    The program uses a variety of creative activities to evaluate different types of learners.

    What Does Each SuperDville Lesson Include?


    SuperDville Episodes

    Short PBS-style educational videos feature students with learning differences and address a wide variety of social and emotional learning themes.



    Created by teachers, lessons include objectives, social and emotional learning themes, discussion questions, and activity prompts.


    Activity Video

    Video prompts by the cast of SuperDville tee up activities and create a peer-to-peer mentoring experience.


    Student Activities

    All the activities included in SuperDville are built on key themes, which teachers can reinforce with repeated viewings of each video throughout the school year.

    Who Uses SuperDville?


    School Leaders

    Use SuperDville with 7-to-12-year-olds in general education classrooms, the resource room, after-school activities, or as one-to-one support.



    Use SuperDville in your classroom to supplement academic content.


    School Psychologists
    and Tutors

    Use SuperDville as a one-on-one or small group tool with your students


    How SuperDville Works


    Watch SuperDville episodes with your students. 

    The short PBS-style educational videos introduce students to social and emotional learning themes and offer authentic student experiences along with insights and advice. 


    Discuss social and emotional learning themes.

    SuperDville episodes fit into a scaffolded SEL program that includes a lesson plan with learning objectives, discussion questions, and activity prompts.


    Complete in-class activities.

    The easy-to-implement student activities (four per video) range from individual to small group projects, putting SEL learning themes from each video into action.


    Use SuperDville during morning meetings, class circles, and brain breaks to build culture and community!


      Frequently Asked Questions

      SuperDville is for students ages 7-to-12. Each episode offers a scripted lesson plan with learning objectives and discussion questions for teachers. In addition, each episode offers one activity video and three other hands-on student activities per episode.

      Each SuperDville episode provides four student activities, so that teachers can show the video multiple times throughout the year, building on social and emotional learning themes over time.

      Choose a consistent time to share SuperDville. For example, a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon. Or use it right after recess to help your students transition back into your academic content. Multiple student activities emerge from each SuperDville episode so you can rewatch them, giving your students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the social and emotional learning themes.

      There are a total of 12 SuperDville episodes that allow students to engage with social and emotional learning material.

      Licenses are sold to schools with pricing based upon the number of students. Each license provides access for all teachers within the school.



      To learn more about SuperDville and how it can be used alongside Great Minds' curricula.