Introducing Wit & Wisdom® Prologue™


Wit & Wisdom Prologue is a collection of supplementary lessons designed to support multilingual learners and students with language-based disabilities in grades 6-8. Prologue lessons focus on vocabulary, syntax, and oral language development. These lessons front-load specific Wit & Wisdom lessons, previewing key content and language and ensuring that all learners have access to high-quality, grade-level materials. 

Prologue meets three urgent needs in middle school classrooms:

  • Effective scaffolding for students who are having trouble accessing grade level curriculum due to language challenges.
  • High-quality lessons that can be used for Designated English Language Development (ELD) or intervention time aligned to the ELA content.
  • Guidance for how TESOL teachers, special education teachers, and other specialists can support the ELA content.

Download this FREE sample lesson to see Prologue in action.